Monday, February 1, 2016

How to make Blog

This post is experience ever did when she was studying for the first time to create a blog. Initially learn to still use wordpress and blogspot platform (from the beginning wanted to know each platform advantages and disadvantages).

The passage of time after getting to know Google AdSense finally focus using blogspot or commonly called bloggers [dot] com. Initially as the first post can be aired and seen on a computer screen is pleased mingled awe. Anyway as it was a special experience for blogging. However, after evaluation of the passage of time, finally was able to compare the current first and blogs that exist now. This is the result of the evaluation of perceived AsikBelajar.Com version ....
Several Mistakes In Making First Blog Kalia

Look sober. Display is meant here in terms of a template. Those who have made blogs are usually not aware of any ready-made templates for free outside of the default of blogspot. Recommended for those who start blogging hobby so browsing on google with keywords "Internet Latest Responsive Blogger Template". Please you select and download. If it is then time for you to study and search on google how to change the template blogger.

Do not understand the term "Readmore". Blog beginner article / potingan the home position looks long, so sometimes disturbing for those who want to see the other articles. Suggestion: in order to learn to make pieces readmore manually by using the facilities on the top menu when creating a post with a paper sign disconnected. Or learn search on google with keywords "make readmore automatically".

Copy origin. In an article that is displayed comes from the article copy / paste has people, sometimes seen still many original article link attached in the article. It is very disturbing if the blogger wants to play in AdSense, because the violation in its TOS google.

Do not understand SEO techniques. This can happen when they insert an image or copy and paste the article the wrong position. So the format of Microsoft Word is still stuck or not the use of the alt and title for the picture. Please learn SEO techniques for beginners. Including the installation of meta tags blogs etc.
Know not what it breadcrumb blog. Please you are looking for how to create a breadcrumb blog.

Blog Not Responsive. Conscious or not, now search information in many everyday reality using gadgets / smartphone device, so the blog created should have to follow the trend or template that can be used to adjust the tool used search template information or other words that can be in every respect.

Other Features poor. Please search again with other features that can be utilized blog readers to interact. Examples of features Share / share, comment via facebook etc.

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